A high-level metabolic map that gives an overview of the major metabolic processes in the gut

Tip: Click a metabolic process on the map to list its metabolic modules.

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This metabolic map consists of gut-specific pathway modules connected by their input and output compounds. The modules are clustered and colored according to their hierarchical classification (e.g. amino-acid degradation). Metabolites are represented by circles, while modules are represented by colored lines. The flow of compounds is from top to bottom unless the module is represented by a dashed line.

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Id Name Hierarchy, Level 1 Hierarchy, Level 2
MGB001 Serotonin synthesis I NA NA
MGB002 Serotonin synthesis II NA NA
MGB003 Melatonin synthesis NA NA
MGB004 Kynurenine synthesis NA NA
MGB005 Tryptophan synthesis NA NA
MGB006 Glutamate synthesis I NA NA
MGB007 Glutamate synthesis II NA NA
MGB008 Acetylcholine synthesis NA NA
MGB009 Histamine synthesis NA NA
MGB010 Histamine degradation NA NA
MGB011 Cortisol degradation NA NA
MGB012 Dopamine synthesis NA NA
MGB013 Noradrenaline synthesis NA NA
MGB014 Adrenaline synthesis NA NA
MGB015 p-Cresol synthesis NA NA
MGB016 p-Cresol degradation NA NA
MGB017 IPA synthesis (Clostridium sporogenes pathway) NA NA
MGB018 Kynurenine degradation NA NA
MGB019 GABA degradation NA NA
MGB020 GABA synthesis I NA NA
MGB021 GABA synthesis II NA NA
MGB022 GABA synthesis III NA NA
MGB023 Dopamine degradation NA NA
MGB024 DOPAC synthesis NA NA
MGB025 Nitric oxide synthesis I (NO synthase) NA NA
MGB026 Nitric oxide synthesis II (nitrite reductase) NA NA
MGB027 Nitric oxide degradation I (NO dioxygenase) NA NA
MGB028 Nitric oxide degradation II (NO reductase) NA NA
MGB029 ClpB (ATP-dependent chaperone protein) NA NA
MGB030 Polysaccharide A NA NA
MGB031 17-beta-Estradiol degradation NA NA
MGB032 Quinolinic acid synthesis NA NA
MGB033 Quinolinic acid degradation NA NA
MGB034 Isovaleric acid synthesis I (KADH pathway) NA NA
MGB035 Isovaleric acid synthesis II (KADC pathway) NA NA
MGB036 S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM) synthesis NA NA
MGB037 Inositol synthesis NA NA
MGB038 Inositol degradation NA NA
MGB039 g-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) degradation NA NA
MGB040 Menaquinone synthesis (vitamin K2) I NA NA
MGB041 Menaquinone synthesis (vitamin K2) II (alternative pathway: futalosine pathway) NA NA
MGB042 PUFAs synthesis (AA, EPA, DHA) NA NA
MGB043 Acetate synthesis I NA NA
MGB044 Acetate synthesis II NA NA
MGB045 Acetate synthesis III NA NA
MGB046 Acetate synthesis IV NA NA
MGB047 Acetate degradation NA NA
MGB048 Propionate synthesis I NA NA
MGB049 Tryptophan degradation NA NA
MGB050 Glutamate degradation I NA NA
MGB051 Glutamate degradation II NA NA
MGB052 Butyrate synthesis I NA NA
MGB053 Butyrate synthesis II NA NA
MGB054 Propionate synthesis II NA NA
MGB055 Propionate synthesis III NA NA
MGB056 Propionate degradation I NA NA